What is GAIA-X? – Publication available

The objective of BIMKIT is closely linked to the term Gaia-X, because the project BIMKIT is based on the newly developed European cloud. But what exactly is GAIA-X? On this question an informative publication by Hartmut Krause-Edler has been published. He has been working as a project manager at NT Neue Technologie AG in Erfurt since 2021. For BIMKIT, he is responsible for the development and design of the system architecture.

In his publication “GAIA-X: European answer to the big hyperscalers” you can read about the essential aspects of GAIA-X. Among other things, Krause-Edler outlines the main content of GAIA-X and goes into detail about the goals and values pursued. Furthermore, he informs about the origin and the development of the cloud. His division into subtopics also provides readers with an overview and makes it easier to understand GAIA-X. Find out in the article why Gaia-X offers new possibilities and opportunities for users.