Special AI services for building construction were developed as part of BIMKIT. These services aim to extract component information from plans and images, focussing on the recognition of component geometry as polygons. The information includes component classes such as walls, doors, windows and rooms, as well as specific features such as the direction in which doors are fitted and the relationship of doors and windows to walls.

In building construction: Identification of fire protection equipment

AI services are also used to identify and localise fire protection equipment in images. The main objective is to enable the automatic recognition of technical building equipment (TGA), such as fire protection systems, and to place them correctly in the BIM model. With the help of object recognition, fire extinguishers, fire detectors, smoke alarms and fire blankets can be recognised in images.

Aid for the automation of fire safety inspections

AI services are also used to identify and analyse maintenance information in images. The aim is to assign the extracted information as semantic data to the previously recognised objects. These services have the potential to enable the automation of fire safety inspections and other maintenance processes.