Would you like to find out everything about BIMKIT? Then watch the video about the project now. It clearly explains what the research project is all about and the opportunities it offers.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the use of 3D models in the life cycle of a building. Most BIM applications require a digital as-built model as a basis, e.g. for optimizing maintenance, renewing infrastructure or deconstructing buildings. What is more, the operation of structures can become more efficient and sustainable, when their information can be processed digitally. Even though there are many advantages of carrying out design, construction and operation digitally and based on BIM, 3D models are not yet available, especially not for existing buildings. This not only delays the implementation of BIM, but also means that the entire construction and housing industry lacks reliable data for optimizing the life cycle of a building.

This is where BIMKIT comes in: its aim is to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies usable for the construction industry as key technologies of the German government’s digitization strategy. Information on buildings and infrastructure structures, e.g. 2D plans, images, point clouds or text documents, are to be interpreted using AI methods. Structural and technical construction elements are to be generated and consistently and transparently integrated into a BIM-based as-built model. Correspondingly, updating an existing as-built model is to be automated. The data and AI services will be provided decentralized, based on GAIA-X and using open standards as well as existing BIM systems. In this, data sovereignty and data security play a key role, as security-relevant information on structures is also interpreted. This creates an ecosystem which forms a fundamental basis for BIM applications.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is promoting the development of AI-based platform concepts with the “Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition”. Further information is available at www.KI-Innovationen.de