The goal of this AI service is to detect the structural elements of the building, which can be used to generate a digital model.

This AI service is used to segment the walls and detect the components of a building based on a scanned paper document. A pixel-wise mask is generated marking the positions of the walls in the plan. Additionally, a list of detected building components/parts with their positions (bounding boxes) in the image is generated.


  • Quality: (rectified) plans of buildings from scanned paper documents.
  • Input data format (e.g. dxf/pdf/doc/jpg/xls):
    • PDF files or images (PNG, JPG…).
  • Output data format (e.g.):
    • Images (PNG) with segmentation masks for walls.
    • JSON files with detected building elements and their positions (bounding boxes) in the image.

Aleixo Cambeiro Barreiro, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI)