This AI service aims to generate a hierarchical, vectorial representation of a plan from detected building elements and segmented walls.

The semantic relationships between the different building elements of a plan must be determined in order to generate a meaningful model of the building. For example, doors are part of a wall and connect two rooms. This prior knowledge could be used to improve the detection.


  • Input data format (e.g. dxf/pdf/doc/jpg/xls):
    • Segmentation mask of walls in a plan (PNG image / polygon list as JSON).
    • List of building elements in the plan and their bounding boxes (JSON).
    • Optional: list of rooms in the plan and their positions (JSON).
  • Output data format (e.g.):
    • Hierarchy of elements in the plan as JSON file.

Contact Person:
Aleixo Cambeiro Barreiro, Fraunhofer HHI